Vernon CMS

Vernon CMS is universal, handling all types of objects within the one system. Our clients range from single user sites with a few hundred objects to major institutions with networked systems, multiple users, multiple sites and collections running into millions of objects. The structure is modular so you can tailor the system to suit your collection needs and budget. All Vernon modules are compatible with international standards: Collection Trust's Spectrum Standard (formerly mda SPECTRUM), CHIN, AASLH Common Agenda, CIDOC and Dublin Core.The Vernon modules include:

Vernon Cataloguing

The cornerstone of Vernon CMS, covering cataloguing, location recording and linking to multimedia.

Vernon Activities

Manages activities associated with objects, such as loans, exhibitions, and conservation.

Online Access Modules

Vernon Browser and Vernon HTML Export allow you to publish information on kiosks, intranets and the Internet.


Art and Architecture Thesaurus and Chenhall's Nomenclature are both available as add-ons to the database to assist with cataloguing.

Other Product Information:


Technical Requirements

Information about Hardware Specifications, Local & Wide Area Networks, System Software and the Vernon Imaging System.

Download Brochure

The brochure contains a detailed description of the system and information on technical specifications and existing clients.